Why the world needs another blog

First off, a confession.

I’ve been conscious of my crime for some time, but chose to ignore it, hoping it would go away and that no one, in the meantime, would notice. But guess what? Someone did. More than one person, actually, to the point now where I’ve no choice other than to own up.

So I admit it: I am guilty of serious neglect. My website, my Twitter feed, my entire online presence are all shockingly out of date.

It all started out so promisingly. Almost the first thing I did after securing a publishing contract way back in 2009 was build a website. Well, maybe not the very first thing (the actual first thing I did was – you guessed it – call my mum) and I didn’t exactly build it myself (my programming expertise extends to the few lines of Basic I learned on my Commodore 64), but the intention was there. It wasn’t even that long until I joined Twitter.

And yet the truth is I’ve never quite worked out what I actually hoped to achieve with it all. I just knew that an author ‘needed’ a website, and a Twitter feed, and to be on Facebook (a quick aside here: I’m not joining Facebook. Not ever. You hear me, Mr Zuckerberg? Of course you do. You hear everything.)

All these things were points of contact, was the perceived wisdom; ways to engage with your readers. Which is great, in theory – until that point comes when you realise that the most recent news item on your website pre-dates the formation of the coalition, and that the last tweet you composed was a drunken insult to one of your mates.

Engaging? Hmm.

So here it is: this is me turning over a new leaf. Drumroll please . . . I’m starting a blog.

Wait! Hear me out.

I fully realise that there are blogs out there aplenty. And that most of you have more than enough to read already (God knows I have, as well as more than enough to write).

But I don’t want to turn into one of those authors who only has something to say when it’s time to promote a new novel. That’s hardly engaging either.

Rather, I hope to answer some of the questions I get sent ahead of time, and maybe learn a thing or two myself. That’s one of the great things about writing: sometimes you only discover how you feel about stuff when you make the effort to put it into words. No great insight, I suppose, but reason enough in my book to open my mouth more than once every two or three years.

So what’ll I be blogging about? The writing business for one thing, as well as the business of writing, about which I get asked all the time. The books I’m reading – the ones I struggle to finish as well as the ones I love. Films, maybe. The odd TV series.

Anything, basically, to do with story – including, at some point, a long-overdue update on where I’m at with my next novel. It’s been a bumpy ride so far, and I’ll try and give you a little insight into why.

Basically, I’m going to see where the keyboard takes me. I’ll be on Twitter a bit more, too. (Relax. I’m not going to tweet the details of every meal I eat or every time my two-year-old does something cute. Although you should have seen her when I picked her up from nursery the other day and discovered her dressed as a chicken.)

The one thing I promise is that you’re going to be hearing from me a bit more frequently. If that doesn’t interest you, well, chances are you’ve stopped reading already. If it does, so much the better. I look forward to talking with you again soon.

Got a comment? Contact me here. Or, send me a tweet @Simon_Lelic.

Posted on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 9:50 am

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