Below are some links to recently published interviews and profiles.


BookPage asked me to pick my favourite twists in fiction. . .

Dead Good Books

I spoke to Dead Good Books about my inspiration for The Search Party . . .

Jean Book Nerd

I spoke to Jean about The Search Party, my influences, and life in lockdown. . .

Crime Review

The good folks at Crime Review put me in the Countdown chair. . .

Red Carpet Crash

I talk to Red Carpet Crash about The Liar’s Room . . .

Guardian top ten

My top ten false identities in fiction, from Atwood to Shakespeare . . .

KSCJ Radio

I talk to Brian Vakulskas at KSCJ Radio about The New Neighbors (aka The House) . . .

Off-the-shelf books

My favourite crime authors, movies, death scenes and more . . .

You’re Booked

I spoke to You’re Booked, the online community for crime writing, after my appearance at the Harrogate festival.


The folks at eBookMall were kind enough to make me their author of the month.

Guardian top-ten

Why lawyers make the perfect protagonists. They’ve got to be good for something, right?


As part of Lovereading’s Guest Editor slot, I pick five of my favourite books.

Reader Dad

I chat with Matt Craig about reading, writing and my new novel, The Child Who.

The Big App Show

Talking to Adam Curry of the Big App Show about Rupture (A Thousand Cuts), via the miracle that is Skype.

Scoop! Journalists in fiction

A Q&A from March 2011 for a blog devoted to journalists and journalism in fiction.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Watch me with Karen Campbell at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in an edited, thirty-minute version of our discussion.